Key points

  • Provide training & support for young people
  • Keep training fun, flexible and informative

A YPAG group in training

Training for YPAG members

Members of a YPAG should have the right knowledge and skills to participate effectively. YPAG facilitators can try to establish a training program to include teaching on drug discovery, development of new medicines, understanding clinical trials and ethics to ensure that everyone has the right knowledge and skills to participate effectively.

Brochure for a fun day

Check out GOSH’s brochure for their research Family Fun Day

It is important that any training undertaken is relevant, and delivered in a language suitable for their age, and more importantly it is fun!   A small section of time can be put aside at each meeting for training or alternatively full day meetings or Open days and tours of labs offer engaging opportunities for children and young people to learn about science and research in a fun way.

Tools and resources are an important part of  training activities and they have to be appealing and easily understandable, including videos, comics, and references to websites of interest in the field of clinical research. Many of these can be found online.

Here are some good examples