Presenting your research to YPAGs

A boy tries out VR

Making it child-friendly

It is important that when presenting your research to a YPAG that it is done in a child/young person friendly way so that members are able to understand what is being asked of them.

Facilitators of YPAGs can help and guide researchers before they present the research or project to the group.   It is important for the facilitator to fully understand what the researchers want from the YPAG, and one way to do this is to get researchers to complete a study form, which can be followed up with a telephone or Zoom/Skype conversations(s) to facilitate the delivery of a child and young person friendly session.

Below is a guide created for researchers by young people from the Kent, Surrey and Sussex YPAG on how to deliver a child/young person friendly session, and feedback they would like to receive following the activity.

Delivery – what YPAGs want to know

A meeting

It is really important to explain to the young people who you are and what led you to doing the research.

The fundamentals and context of the research idea:

  • Why? An overview of the background of the research and why the research needs to be done
  • What? What is the research about and what are the aims. What will participants have to do if they take part?
  • Who? Who will take part, their age, number needed and who will run the research
  • Where & When? Where and when will the research take place and will it affect participant’s school attendance, social life etc

If possible send out a summary of the above to the YPAG before the presentation.  Confirm any funding deadlines you are aiming for.

What YPAGs don’t want

  • Difficult terminology/jargon – explain your research in an easily understandable way
  • No lectures
  • Don’t be patronising or oversimplify the presentation

Tips for presenting

Using coloured post-it notes

Visually appealing: use video, pictures, colour, sound.

An engaging facilitator

Engaging and interactive: involve everyone

Using a smartphone

Relevant, easily understandable and concise

A YPAG group

Come with an open-mind, be flexible and listen

A youhg person smiling

Entertaining, compelling and humorous

A young person listening

Be clear about what you expect from us and how you would like our feedback

After the meeting

  • Please give feedback on how the meeting went and if it was useful
  • Keep in touch and let the YPAG know if you took their comments on board
  • Let the YPAG know if there is anything else they can be involved in going forward