The main aim of eYPAGnet is to provide researchers with a variety of opportunities to work with children and young people in the design and conduct of paediatric clinical trials.  Here are just some of the services we offer.

In more detail

  • Study Design
    Facilitation of protocol reviews, protocol design, patient reported outcomes, patient priorities and recruitment strategies.
  • Patient Documentation & Tools ‚Äč
    Facilitation to create or review of Patient Information Sheets,, assent/consent documents, patient diaries, patient Apps.
  • Dissemination Activities
    Facilitation to create or review lay summaries, video production, study results.
  • Training
    Delivery of training such as why, what, how to involve children & young people, ethical implications, webinars, workshops.
  • Educational Materials
    Production and/or review of booklets, leaflets, videos, animations.

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