Payment and reward

    Key points

  • There are many rewards for participation that are not financial payments
  • Decide if and when members will be paid for their involvement and communicate it clearly to members
  • Keep methods of payment simple and transparent

Reward and Recognition

There are many ways children and young people can gain recognition for being a member of a YPAG, such as:

  • Using their experiences to enhance any ‘personal statement’ or CV they may need to prepare for further education or employment
  • A written reference from the YPAG lead for a university application or volunteering role
  • Opportunity to public speak/attend conferences/events
  • Receiving a payment or vouchers (Amazon or love2shop vouchers, etc.)
  • Receiving certificates of attendance
  • Having photos taken and presented in newsletters describing their activities and work
  • Communicating and sharing learning about what they have done and how they have made a difference
  • Opportunity to co-author a journal publication
  • Possibility of work experience or other opportunities in the organisation

Payments – things to consider

Young person

It is important to be clear about the payments/rewards policy of your institute or organisation.  A decision needs to be made about whether members will be paid, the amount, and if in vouchers or bank transfer.   Vouchers are simple and remove the need to hold details about bank accounts.

INVOLVE report

INVOLVE guidance on payments for young people

To ensure membership and opportunities are not hindered by financial constraints, YPAG members and their families should not be ‘out of pocket’ for attendance at meetings or if invited to attend conferences.  Arrange all travel and accommodation in advance.

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) INVOLVE organisation (now the NIHR Centre for Engagement and Dissemination) in the UK produced a helpful guidance document on payments for young people which can be viewed here.