Funding and sustainability

    Key points

  • Getting started can seem daunting - but don't panic!
  • Firstly consider do you have enough projects and demand from researchers to set up a YPAG or could you work with an existing group
  • Every group is different- this toolkit is a guide not a list of rules
  • Be realistic about the staff time involved in preparing for the group and delivering outputs

Stacks of coins

Running a YPAG requires dedicated staff time, resources, facilities, and funding.  Once the group is set up the members require ongoing training,  new members need to be recruited and new projects identified that require YPAG expertise and involvement.

Ask yourself:

  • Do we need to set up a new group?
  • Do we have enough projects, approaches from other people about projects to keep the group engaged?
  • Do we have the appropriate staff and resources to support the YPAG?

If it is a definite YES then below you will find some guidance and resources that you will find useful.

Planning your budget needs

You will require funding for some or all of the following.  You may have access to some facilities within your hospital or University such as meeting rooms, access to printing, and IT services.  Although the set up of each group differs some of the things you need to consider are:

  • Salary for a coordinator and or facilitator
  • Meeting rooms
  • Materials, stationery, games
  • Printing costs
  • Travel and expenses for members and their families
  • Food and refreshments for meetings
  • Vouchers or similar for attendance at meetings – see payment section below
  • Domain hosting fees if a website is developed

Potential Funding Options

The ideal solution is to receive core funding from your organisation or hospital to cover all the main costs such as salaries of the coordinator and/or facilitator and the use of in-house meeting rooms.  Very few YPAGs are in that position from the outset and are managed or coordinated by staff employed in other roles, with time allocated to patient and public involvement and possibly a small budget for running costs.  If there is not a member of staff employed in the YPAG coordinator/facilitator role, it is essential the most suitable member of staff is identified and they are given sufficient time to plan and run the meetings.

As the group becomes more established and expert at providing patient involvement advice, facilitators should request that investigators apply for funding in their research grants and this is used to pay for YPAG support.   Industry sponsorship can also be used as a source of income.  This should be fully costed to include salaries and running of meetings.

Staff costs

Calculate hourly rates at Full Economic Costs and calculate time to:

  • Prepare material for YPAG
  • Deliver material to YPAG at meeting
  • Prepare meeting report
  • Seek feedback
  • Evaluate the impact

And include additional YPAG running costs from the list above.