The Generation R Alliance/eYPAGnet Toolkit will help you set up and run a Young Persons Advisory Group, allowing the voices of children and young people to be heard in research.

About the Toolkit

The Toolkit was written by facilitators of the GenerationR Alliance and eYPAGnet YPAGs.

Setting up and organising a YPAG can be challenging and time consuming.  Ultimately, it is rewarding and often fun as no meeting or group is ever the same! It is a huge learning experience for everyone involved.

It is important to realise that what works for some groups may work for others. Collaboration and learning from each other is key.

The toolkit is designed to take you through each part of the process of setting up a YPAG, and is split into four sections recommended by our users:

  1. Understanding why it is important
  2. Getting started
  3. Delivering a meeting
  4. Evaluating the work, and the impact a YPAG can have on both the participants themselves and on child health research.

We hope that the toolkit answers many of your questions, gives handy tips and advice and gives you the confidence to get started, allowing children and young people to make a real and valid difference to child health research.